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With this new keyword research strategy you can finally:
Beat the competition with better keywords
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Dig deeper, find better keywords and succeed

Watch this video to learn about the new keyword research strategy and discover the powerful features the software uses to find 1,000's of unique and valuable keywords.

You cannot find "GEMS" with a low volume of keywords
and from a source that hides valuable keywords. Period!

When researching for gems (or under-the-radar profit-sucking hidden keywords) you need to have a high volume and the latest related keywords in your bag... to filter many gems.

Fortunately for you, most Internet marketers still use the Google Keyword Tool as their primary and unique source for their keyword research... and you can take a huge competitive advantage of this fact.

While the Google Keyword Tool is a valuable tool, it's NOT a good one for the initial phase of keyword research because:

So, the Google's Keyword Tool is a poor resource to start with for keyword research.

Note: The Google Keyword Tool and the tools that use their data (like Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, etc.) are good for other keyword research phases like analyzing traffic volumes, trends, competition etc.
But for the initial keyword research phase where you need to get all the valuable and up-to-date keywords, the Google Keyword Tool is a very ineffective resource.

The only way to find gems is to use a tool that collects keywords that people are actively typing/choosing in search engines right now (and not 30 days ago or more).

A tool that can brainstorm keywords data from different sources in real-time and dig 1,000's of profitable keywords people are using and your competitors are ignoring!

Combining the power of automation with Google, Yahoo,
Bing and YouTube autocomplete (suggest) feature
to quickly and easily collect 1000's of keyword suggestions

Super Suggester is a breakthrough and drop-dead simple software which finds and collects 100's or even 1,000's of keyword suggestions from the most popular search providers: Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube.

This ingenious software automates the keyword suggestion research process (the process of finding and collecting keyword suggestions from search providers) and makes it super easy and effortless.

Here's an example of keyword suggestions being presented in Google:

The Google Autocomplete (or Suggest) feature allows you to preview the top searched keywords people type online around any given topic.

Also known as keyword suggestions
(or just suggestions) these are
the top most popular search terms people type into the search providers.

In the image on the left, you can check the top 10 suggestions being presented in Google for the blood pressure search term (you must turn off Google Instant to get same results).

Since keyword suggestions are the most relevant and in-demand search terms people use, then you can use them in your online marketing activities like keyword research and market research to increase your business profits. For example, you can use keyword suggestions to:

The best part is Super Suggester software works for both newbie and veteran marketers.

So, what makes the keyword suggestion research process unique?

You can uncover many keywords, markets and
niches which are NOT shown in other keyword tools!
Find many short tail and long tail searched keywords
before your tracking tells you about their existence.
(For SEO and PPC this is a major advantage as you
can get this data before you spend TIME and MONEY!)

When you perform keyword suggestion research you can find many GEMS or HIDDEN keywords which are not shown when using the Google Keyword Tool or other tools.

For example, in the image on the right you see that Super Suggester found 11,411 unique keyword suggestions when performing keyword suggestion research around the action word "buy".

That's much more keywords you get when compared with the Google Keyword Tool where you can currently only get 100 keywords (800 if logged-in) in a single research query attempt.

Plus, you can locate many markets and niche markets which you didn't even know existed before! And even if you know those markets, keyword suggestion research is a much quicker and easier way to brainstorm those markets - meaning you can get 100's of quality ideas super fast.

And that's not all...

When using general root search terms like "real estate", "dating", "weight loss", "cars", "travel", etc... you are going to uncover many short tail and long tail searched keywords... so you can turn a profit from the money-making gems your competitors are ignoring.

Imagine starting off your SEO or PPC campaigns with all the relevant searched keywords in your market. Don't you think that would be a major strategic competitive advantage over competitors? You no longer need to wait weeks or months to know such info from advanced tracking systems.

So, playing with "searched keywords" right off the bat is like playing a "whole new ball game".

We've researched and compared the keyword suggestion results across many different markets. Based on our samples we can say with confidence that Super Suggester gives you the ultimate "eagle's eye" vision for ANY market you target when you type its broadest root search term like weigh loss, dating, wii, nike, etc.

You can profit from GAPS in TRENDS
because keyword suggestions are always changing!

Try one root search term today and the same root search term in one month and you may experience different keyword suggestion results with Super Suggester. This situation happened to us quite a lot of times when doing keyword suggestion research in different...

For example, we've been tracking the "how to" root search term since July 2009. Here are the results we got (unique keyword suggestions):

So, we were able to find:

When doing keyword suggestion research you can easily find new keyword suggestions over time (even for the same market when researching for product re-launches or brand names) ... and this allows you to:

Here's what the software can do for you!
(The real benefits you get when plugging
Super Suggester into your online business)

With Super Suggester software you can...

Super Suggester Core Benefits

Discover the features from Super Suggester that can assist you
in performing Automated Keyword Suggestion Research!

With Super Suggester software you have the power and ability to:

Get instant access today to videos, reports and other
training materials at the single click of a button!

In the training area, you'll get instant access to the following valuable training materials:

That's a total of 90 minutes worth of quality training and education... so you can get the maximum benefit and results from using Super Suggester software. Access all these videos:

And to maximize your market research and keyword research results we have videos on how to combine Super Suggester software with other third-party tools (both free and paid solutions) available in the market. In these training videos you'll learn:

You can watch the streaming version of each video online or you can download the videos to your computer - you're not left alone and you're getting a lot of bang for your buck...

It's time for you to get advantage with Super Suggester...

Yes, I Can't Wait To Get Access
To Super Suggester Software!

Today, I can access Super Suggester software for only $77 $47.00 and if for any reason I'm not thrilled with the software and training materials, I just need to send an email to within the next 30 days and you will refund my money - there's no risk no matter what I decide!

That's it!

System Requirements: Windows XP or newer.
(Mac users will need PC emulation software)
The software and training materials are available via electronic download only.

Note: Super Suggester software updates (minor releases with new features and/or bug fixes) will be 100% FREE. Major software upgrades will be provided to customers at a reduced price.

With this new keyword research strategy you can finally:
Beat the competition with better keywords
Compete in hyper-competitive markets
Dig deeper, find better keywords and succeed

To Your Online Success!

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